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Security & 

Using Advanced A.I. technology

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SOLUTIONS & Security

As a provider of enterprise security solutions, AlarmMaster helps you protect your business with its integrated portfolio of products and services.

We help align your security strategy to your business goals and integrate technology to manage your defenses against growing threats. 

We endeavour to do this by implementing security solutions which are designed to protect your digital users, assets, and data; thereby enabling you to manage and govern risk to support the hybrid cloud environment of today.
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SOLUTIONS & Security

Our home security system is composed of sensors, cameras, and intercom devices which are linked to a central hub, giving you full command through a control panel of all your varied security tools.


These integrated electronic devices are used to protect home against burglars and uninvited intruders.


Our integration of loT makes your home more secured, interconnected and remotely controllable.

Home security products


Advanced A.I.

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence 

demonstrated by machines; which also mimic the cognitive skills of humans. 

A.I. is integrated into all our systems and devices to deliver an advanced technology to protect your needs.

Internet of Things

IoT refers to the processing ability, software, and various novel technologies which exchange data with other devices and systems.

We offer a variety of IoT products
which resolve the problems you face. 

Artificial Intelligence
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