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Artificial Intelligence

Facial recognition


Our Facial Recognition Software allows for the identification and verification of faces in the input
image gathered by our cameras using trailblazing biometric software, enabling the user to
authenticate and ID people captured by our devices.

What makes A.I. unique?


The collected biometric information of people with our optical devices results in a large body of data
from which to draw our authentication. This is best done through our Metadata analysis; with which
we retrieve relevant information pertaining to your security from our body of information using data

Number plate reader


Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) enables the user to extend his verification
solutions to the vehicles which are captured by our camera instillations with unflapping precision.

People counting system


By filtering out irrelevant objects (carts, wandering animals, etc.) we are able to give precise
measurements on the number of people who pass under our optical instruments; giving you reliable
information with which to inform your security decisions.


Our proprietary metadata software enables the user too both analyse their body of data with
the use of images of people (be it their face, body, or vehicle); and to search outside databases for
information relating to the input picture.

AI image search


Alarm accuracy can be improved through further analysis of metadata patterns. By scanning
detected behaviours or events, our software will be able to learn what constitutes false alarms,
thereby honing the accuracy of your detection and alarms.

False alarm triggers
Flow path map


Our AI software can construct a detailed picture of the vectors of any number of targets. By
integrating and analysing video frames from our optical instruments at different locations, you will
be provided with an accurate image of the flow path of the people captured by our cameras, giving
you further insights into the behaviour of your attendees and visitors.

Heat Mapping

To ensure the clarity of our collected data and the results of our metadata analysis, we offer the
Heat Mapping of our collated information for your convenience. With this advanced data
visualization technique, you will be able to discern magnitude and volume at a single glance.

Heat map

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