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Security cameras

Video surveillance

Security camera

Stay on top of security threats before they become incidents with real-time alerts and anomaly detection.  Access your system on the web or via mobile apps anywhere in the world without special VPNs, downloads, or plugins. 

Security Laser Sensors

Security censor

Highly accurate outdoor & indoor security sensors with advanced detection performance, long-range customizable detection, & environment resistance.  

Bodycams & 
Docking Stations


A bodycam is a body worn video recorder for security companies with Full HD 1080p video, over 10 hours of full HD video recording at your fingertips, instant playback, and night capturing; all of both video and audio.



Dash cams are a convenient device that can help you save time and money in the event of an accident. However, a dash cam can offer much more than simple footage of a driver’s journey; insurance premiums can be reduced, and it encourages safe driving too.

Access Control

Access control product

As the commanding hub, our Access - Control Panel gives you: Controlled Access / Time and attendance;

Pedestrian access control; Control of doors, gates, lifts, mantraps and turnstiles; Vehicle access control; Control of gates, booms and spikes; Monitoring all access from staff to guests; It can be standalone or networked.



Turnstile gate is ideal for crowd management – providing your location with safety, convenience and efficiency. Factory turnstiles are ideal for securing the premises and integrating with the company’s time and attendance system. Furthermore, turnstile access control is also often used in warehouses, public transport stations, retail sites and casinos; in all cases enhancing security and accessibility.

Video monitoring control room

Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring
Live Monitoring Security Solutions

With live monitoring and surveillance, AlarmMaster embraces a proactive stance. To assist in preventing crimes before they happen, our highly trained personnel keeps an eye on key areas of your property. We don’t wait for alarms. In real time, we monitor and assess suspicious activity. Unwanted trespassers usually evacuate your property after hearing an alarm, set off by our alarm trigger system. 

AlarmMaster has a division that examines all necessary cameras in order to produce an overview of what was captured on camera together with any relevant info from the security report. By offering detailed reporting to help deliver video evidence, AlarmMaster's video review department helps clients save time and money.

We offer a 24/7 video monitoring service to its commercial and industrial clients throughout South Africa. An online monitoring system like this has the main benefit of being available constantly. One person can monitor multiple displays at once thanks to our real-time video surveillance technology. As a result, there is no longer a requirement to station a security guard in every room, level, or building.

Remote Surveillance

This is another powerful feature offered by AlarmMaster that allows our clients to conduct remote surveillance across South Africa. It enables you to access your video even when you’re not on-site. You can receive security alerts and images by SMS and/or email from our automated surveillance system and through our mobile application.

Key Benefits
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Typically 25-60% less than security guards.

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Low initial setup fees and monthly monitoring.

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Supervised control room monitoring your property. We never sleep!


Simultaneous views at any time.

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Verified crimes in progress mean quicker armed response time.

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Cloud storage provides video evidence to help document incidents. 

Server room

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Solution Brief

Increase the amount of cloud storage for all of your video content. Gain increased flexibility by having quick access to your cloud archive whenever you need it, regardless of connectivity or bandwidth requirements. With the cloud storage option from AlarmMaster, you can avoid losing your video security data in the event that your cameras or the disk of your CloudMaster Connectors are broken or stolen. Use the Smart Recording tool, which uses machine learning to identify odd activities or events, to decide which ones should be preserved using CloudMaster Storage.

Video security storage should be scalable and easy to use

Businesses have had a difficult time deciding which video content to save, and they now have to spend more time and money backing it up. Moving to a cloud video storage solution provides the adaptability and reliability required to support sophisticated security and IT teams. 

Key Benefits
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Smart — AlarmMaster Recording capability helps you back up unusual activities and events worthy of the operators’ attention.

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Uninterrupted access — Access footage at all times with minimal impact during network outages and damaged equipment.

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Open — Copy and save video footage and analytics in AlarmMaster Cloud Storage or the cloud storage or local file system of your choice.

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Optimized retention & bandwidth — Customize what you store, for what time, and when to ensure retention compliance and handle bandwidth limitations.

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Always secure — Encrypted media, single sign-on, two-factor authentication, and automatic updates of releases and vulnerability fixes.

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Easy to use — Seamless setup of configuration profiles of how and when cameras record, the quality of the recording, and the retention policy.

A Cloud Video Security Storage that Works for you
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Smart Storage, Unlocked

Leverage AlarmMaster Smart Recording capability to store unusual activities and events worthy of the operators’ attention. Choose Interesting, Uninteresting, Alarms, Saved clips, and/or Anomalies.

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Maximize Your Bandwidth

Optimize bandwidth and retention with schedules and choice of recordings. Configure the maximum streaming quality to ensure you don’t saturate your available bandwidth.

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Secure access anytime

Store your data in the cloud without the fear of losing footage or video analytics if your equipment is stolen or damaged. End-to-end encryption, SSO, 2FA, and automatic updates ensure your investment is secure.

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Open and flexible

With CloudMaster Connect, you can copy and save video footage and analytics in AlarmMasterCloud Storage or the third-party cloud storage. What’s more, you can store footage from any AlarmMaster Camera.

AlarmMaster Cloud Video Security Architecture


AlarmMaster Cameras

Storage, AI, and processing on camera

Third-Party Cameras

Any ONVIF compliant camera

Cloud Connector

Cost effective storage and AI for 3rd party cameras

Access Control

Cloud and physical access control systems integration


Best-in-class sensors integrations for enhanced insights

Web & app access from anywhere

Single interface for all AlarmMaster and 3rd party devices

Open Platform Integrations

Open APIs, external alerts, RTSP, webhooks, and dashboards

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